“Rob, through his works and his book, The Fractured Life of 3743, will not only give hope, but truly inspire others toward their own greatness.”

–Dave Pelzer, Pulitzer Prize nominee and New York Times best selling author of A Child Called “It”


Rob Cabitto has captivated audiences around the world with his inspirational story of perseverance and resilience. His harrowing and dramatic story of overcoming his once-fractured life and transcending it into hope and inspiration is for all of us.



“This book is one that will stick with the reader for a long time.  It is an honest look at one man’s life, the choices he made, and how those choices affected him.  The pictures in the book help bring you into his life.  Had he left the pictures out, his writing is so descriptive that you would still be able to picture the rollercoaster he called his life.  I am not sure, had I lived his life that I would have had the courage to tell the story.”

Janette Fuller


“Like many who were raised in unfortunate circumstances, Rob Cabitto made poor choices. But yet, after reaching the bottom of life’s well, Rob has climbed out and into the light of forgiveness and service to others. Rob, through his works and his book, 3743, will not only give hope, but truly inspire others toward their own greatness.”

Dave Pelzer


I was very interested in this book because I have read very little about the modern-day challenges of Native Americans. I found this book very informative about the Native American customs and rituals. Rob found healing when he went back to his roots and took pride in his heritage. This book will open your eyes to the problems in the Native American culture and inspire you to confront your own emotional demons.